Dreaming Still by Kathryn Kaye

Dreaming StillMaybe it’s the rarified air of the higher elevations, but there’s something about the magic of the mountains that seems to inspire the vision of artists and musicians alike. So it is with gifted pianist Kathryn Kaye, whose roots are

River Serene by Timothy Wenzel

River SereneI must say that I’ve always had a fondness for “concept albums,” or recordings that weave a thread throughout. Such is the case with keyboardist Timothy Wenzel’s new release entitled River Serene. This album follows in the wake of

Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep

liquid mindI’m sure that anyone who has been following the new age music genre for any length of time will be familiar with the name Liquid Mind, one of the premier producers of soothing sounds. Liquid Mind is actually the name

Deep Theta 2.0 by Steven Halpern

Deep Theta 2.0 coverDeep Theta 2.0 is the latest release in sound healing pioneer Steven Halpern’s best-selling Brainwave Entrainment series. This album follows his 2012 Grammy nominated CD, Deep Alpha, which was in the Top 5 on the New Age Chart of

Moksha by The Ray Spiegel Ensemble

Veteran musician Ray Spiegel and his Woodstock, NY-based ensemble have recently released an exciting world music album entitled Moksha. The word “moksha” is a Sanskrit term that means liberation or release. This is most appropriate in that the music,

Endless by Rick Sparks

Endless CDThe title for pianist/ composer Rick Sparks’ latest CD release, Endless, was prompted in part by the magnificent picture of a starry night sky over a tropical lagoon, by photographer Ben Canales. Yet, on a deeper level, for Rick,

GhostChild by Tedd Arnold

GhostChild_V9_4PANITIn my three decades as a music journalist, I’ve received many “concept albums,” covering a wide range of subject matter. But one of the most intriguing and unusual ones is a new release from Pittsburgh-based electronic musician, composer, vocalist and