The Sunflower Waltz by Anne Trenning

sunflower waltzWhile pianist/composer Anne Trenning has featured a variety of accompanists on some of her previous albums, on this fourth release, The Sunflower Waltz, she has decided to fly solo. This album is envisioned as a “greatest hits” assemblage, offering

Eight Winds by Bob Ardern

EightWindsCoverAs the old saying goes, “the third time’s a charm.” And that certainly holds true for the third album I’ve written about by talented composer and finger-style guitarist, Bob Ardern. Although, in reality, the first two albums, Wire Rosewood &

Ethereum by Joseph L Young

ethereumListening to the music of Joseph L Young on his fourth and latest release, I was transported by his exquisite blend of the earthy and the ethereal… the worldly and the otherworldly. Over the course of 12 luminous tracks, Joseph

Zia by Alexi Musnitsky

ZIAWhile many contemporary music genres are aimed at and draw from younger people and performers, some in their teens or barely out of them, the new age genre tends to resonate primarily with a, shall we say, more “mature” crowd.

My Beloved by Michael Dulin

My BelovedIt’s been close to three years since I’ve had the pleasure of writing about the music of virtuoso pianist/ composer Michael Dulin. At that time, I reviewed his then-current release Timeless II, which is an album of classical piano

Longitudes & Latitudes by Lawrence Blatt

cover_of_cd_llIt’s been about two and a half years since I had the pleasure of writing about guitarist/composer Lawrence Blatt’s excellent previous release, Emergence. That feature article contained a good deal of information about Lawrence’s musical background, so readers who