Key Of Dreams by Galya

 A child prodigy is defined as “someone who, at an early age, masters one or more skills far beyond his or her level of maturity.” There can be little doubt that virtuoso pianist Galya grew up fitting this description. Although

Accidental Etudes by Milana

accidental etudesWhile some composers may spend great amounts of time and effort carefully writing each note and chord change of their music with pencil on notation paper, others choose to create spontaneously according to their inspiration in the moment. Pianist Milana

Reiki Meditations by Nandin

cover_20Reiki_20image002People are drawn to music for a wide variety of reasons and purposes. For flutist and multi-instrumentalist Nandin, music is a vehicle for spiritual attunement and healing… although it wasn’t always like that for her. In her earlier years Nandin

Deep Alpha by Steven Halpern

A recent article in the LA Times described Steven Halpern as an “internationally acclaimed composer, recording artist and producer whose healing music put the field of sound healing on the map.  Halpern is known as “a founding father of the