The Magic Theatre

Greetings and welcome to The Magic Theater!

Featuring the sights and sounds of visionary art videos that I’ve either produced or done the soundtrack for.


Steven Halpern – electric piano, keyboards, crystal bowls

Michael Diamond – synthesizers, electric guitar & video production

Michael Manring – fretless electric bass

All art images – Bill Brouard (visit his gallery on Facebook under “Visual Alchemy”)

Michael Diamond – synthesizers, electric guitar, video production

Steven Halpern – synth flute: part. 1, electric piano synth: part 2

Michael Manring – fretless electric bass: part 1

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Music and video production by Michael Diamond from his Indigo Moon CD

Indigo Moon is distributed by Steven Halpern’s Inner Peace Music label.

Michael Diamond — synthesizers & electric guitar

With special guests:
Jefferson Starship/ Rod Stewart  keyboardist – Pete Sears on electric piano
Eve West — ambient female vocals

All artwork licensed from
Most of the images in this production are by Spinning Angel (Angela Harburn)
Additional images by: Arbistudio, Rolffimages, Photouten, Elen, Pfheonixx22, Frenta,  and David M. Schrader

This is a music video I created incorporating 70 photographs I’ve taken in gardens and botanical centers in the San Francisco Bay area and northern California as well in my own backyard. It is synched with Merlin’s Garden – the opening track on my Atlantis Rising CD. The music on this video is a special extended remix version that I edited just for this project and is twice as long as the original. I hope that you will be as inspired and enchanted by the beauty of nature in this video as I was in photographing and putting it together with music and special effects.

This is the title song from my Atlantis Rising CD. The music is by Steven Halpern on keyboards and myself on guitar synthesizer and Ebow guitar. This video is one song from a 2 hour long DVD entitled Illumination 2 by award-winning videographer Ken Jenkins, on which I contributed over an hour worth of original music to the soundtrack and served as an associate producer. A good deal of the previously unreleased music tracks on the DVD are available on my  Chroma Zone CD.

Featuring Dream Flight, a song from my Atlantis Rising CD with visuals created by videographer and recording artist Iasos. This video was produced by Artainment.

Featuring visuals created by videographer and recording artist Iasos, and a track from my Indigo Moon CD entitled Of Earth & Sky. Produced by Artainment.

The full length 88 min. version features 600 visionary art and mandala paintings from 60 different artists set to a celestial soundtrack from a number of leading new age musicians.

Presented by The Global Peace Foundation, this DVD was a collaboration by co-producers Da Vid Raphael  of Artainmentand Ken Jenkins, who also edited the video, along with associate producer Michael Diamond, whose composition Suspended Animation from Atlantis Rising accompanies this trailer and whose music featured in the video.

This  was a fun music video project I was hired as a session guitarist for in 2010 by renown jazz/world music percussionist and film maker Barbara Borden,who combines conscious lyrics and a funky beat in a multi-generational new age rap video.

I put the photos together as a slide show and synched it to a demo music track I wrote and recorded in the mid 1990’s with my friend Eve West who sang and wrote the lyrics.

In the words of John Lennon: “All we are saying is give peace a chance”