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I am a San Francisco Bay area music producer, recording artist, and journalist with over 30 years experience writing arts and media reviews for nationally published magazines and more recently world-wide on the internet. I’ve been the music editor for the Los Angeles-based Awareness Magazine for the past 7 years as well as a free lance journalist/ publicist, and editor of Music and Media Focus.


As a music industry professional, I currently belong to The Recording Academy and am a voting member of The GRAMMY’S.




Ambient Alchemy front final

NEW – AVAILABLE NOW at Amazon and iTunes!

AMBIENT ALCHEMY –  Steven Halpern & Michael Diamond  with special guest Michael Manring.


“An enchanted world of musical dreamscapes.”


Click here to hear samples and read about it.



  • Reached #2 on the ZMR Top 100 chart for international radio airplay. 
  • Nominee  in the ZMR Awards for “Best Electronic Album” and “Best Ambient Album.”
  • Nominee in the Independent Music Awards for “Best Ambient Album.”



indigo-moonAs a recording artist I have 5 CD’s of ambient music with elements of electronic, jazz, and rock. My previous release, “Indigo Moon“, features a guest appearance by Jefferson Starship and Rod Stewart keyboardist, Pete Sears.  Also appearing as a special guest is new age music pioneer Steven Halpen, whose record label distributes this album, as well as my first release, “Atlantis Rising,” which was named by CD Baby as “one of the best new releases of the year“.




md-studio-pic-11Along with studio recording and producing projects for other artists, I perform doing  electronic music and synthmulti-media shows  in addition to  playing synthesizers and electric guitar in SF Bay area bands.





I also produce music videos, such as the ones for Ambient Alchemy below, as well as creating soundtracks for video, guided imagery, etc.



Featuring excerpts from 4 songs with visionary art images:

(Be sure to watch video in “full screen” mode for best effect)



New: CELESTIAL SUITE – from Ambient Alchemy album
(this track has been submitted for GRAMMY consideration)

(Be sure to watch video in “full screen” mode for best effect)


For more music videos on this site, visit: 

Chill out with the enchanted sights and sounds of Michael’s visionary art music videos.
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Now showing: “Merlin’s Garden,”  and more…

(For a cool “double feature” – take a fantasy journey to otherworldly alien landscapes with Indigo Moon, then come back to earth with a visit to Merlin’s Garden which features original music and nature photography filmed in the San Francisco Bay area)


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Atlantis Rising

Six full length songs from my various CD’s can be heard on the music player here:

(shorter samples of every song on all my CD’s can be heard on the links here)



 My music is available for licensing as soundtracks for films, video, guided imagery CD’s, etc.


CONTACT: mdiamondstudio@aol.comChroma Zone


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Album: Dancing on the Wind
Artist: Shoshana Michel

dotw-cover-1600x1600-300x300Although Dancing on the Wind is only pianist Shoshana Michel’s second album, and her first as a composer of original material, she is already being recognized for her talents and is making a name for herself in the solo piano category. Her debut album, Soul Whispers, received critical acclaim as well as extensive radio airplay and was nominated for 2015 Album of the Year by Shoshana is both a Whisperings Artist ( and Enlightened Piano Artist ( Not bad for a first recording in a highly populated field of talented artists. Dancing on the Wind is being promoted by RS Promotions, which is run by well known new age flutist Sherry Finzer.


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Eternity by Anaya Music

Album: Eternity
Artist: Anaya Music

eternityWhile I have enjoyed Anaya’s previous keyboard-based albums, her new release, Eternity, in collaboration with a live symphony orchestra, brings out the richness and dimension of her stirring compositions, taking the music to another level all together. Anaya’s desire to elevate the human spirit is deeply felt in every note of this inspired recording.


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Album: Late Night with Headphones Vol. 1
Artist: Trevor Gordon Hall

13557701_10154262821689929_3370555354742905077_nGuitarist Trevor Gordon Hall is not an artist who will be accused of being in a creative rut or mining the same musical territory over and over. On the contrary, he is constantly exploring new directions to bring fresh and innovative energy to his artistry. His previous release, Mind Heart Fingers, which I had the pleasure of writing about, featured a unique instrument he helped to design called a kalimbatar, which combines an acoustic guitar with a kalimba, or African thumb piano. However, on his new album, Late Night With Headphones Vol 1, Trevor has charted a decidedly different course for his music.


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Jeff Oster Live! by Jeff Oster

Album: Jeff Oster Live!
Artist: Jeff Oster

jeff-oster-liveLive concert recordings are not as common in the Contemporary Instrumental genre as they are in some others, which makes Jeff Oster Live! something special. Although in reality, everything Jeff Oster does is pretty special. Writing about this album and performance is something I feel particularly qualified to do since I was fortunate enough to actually be at the concert in the San Francisco Bay area where the album was recorded. It was quite an event and I quickly did a write up about it the next day on Facebook. Here’s what I wrote:


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Life Sometimes by Sarah Dukes

Album: Life Sometimes
Artist: Sarah Dukes

life-sometimesWith the release of her sophomore album, Life Sometimes, pianist/composer Sarah Dukes is beginning to find her place in the music world. While she is relatively new in this field, her accomplishments have already been impressive. Sarah has been hand picked by Whisperings-Solo Piano Radio as one of their exclusively featured solo piano artists, and was granted the Akademia Music Award for best pop ballad in 2015 for her song “No More.” This new album was honored with a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement In Music in the New Age Solo Piano and Album categories in the Global Music Awards. View full article »

Circles of 8 by Holland Phillips

Album: Circles of 8
Artist: Holland Philips

13680911_1203152369747717_5216545602067108113_nIts been exactly a year since I wrote about Holland Phillips wonderful previous album Daydream Alley, so I was happy to receive his latest recording with the interesting title Circles of 8. Since I covered so much of Holland’s musical background in my feature article on Daydream Alley, I’ll refer readers who may be interested to that rather than recount it all here. But suffice it to say that Holland is a well-trained and experienced musician whose history includes classical, progressive rock, electronic, new age music, and more.


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Rise by Sukha

Album: Rise
Artist: Sukha

RiseThe devotional chanting of mantras is a spiritual practice that has been around for thousands of years. For those who may not be familiar, a mantra is defined as: “a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation, a Vedic hymn, a statement or slogan repeated frequently.” Throughout the centuries, the form of mantra chanting has probably changed very little, that is until more recently, where contemporary spiritual seekers are finding new and innovative ways to present this ancient practice. Among these sonic explorers is a group called Sukha who takes a bold direction in their blend of sacred singing with rock music.


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Album: Songs From The Aqua Lounge
Artist: David Arkenstone

Aqua Lounge coverEver the sonic adventurer, veteran recording artist David Arkenstone embarks on a journey into the world of Chill music on his latest release Songs From The Aqua Lounge. Drawing on elements of ambient, electronica, and smooth jazz, the album serves up a groove-based blend of ultra contemporary sounds that range from dreamy to driving. A perfect example is a track called “Take My Soul,” that features atmospheric synthesizers, pulsing sequencers, electronic beats, and the misty sensuous female vocals of Nahara that evokes a vision of Tangerine Dream and Enya performing together. If this album illustrates anything, it is that with David Arkenstone one thing to expect is the unexpected.


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Rowing In Eden by Rebekah Eden

Album: Rowing In Eden
Artist: Rebekah Eden

RIE+coverIf there was ever a soundtrack in search of a film, this magical mystery tour of an album by vocalist Rebekah Eden is certainly one. Although, in fact, it almost did become part of an iconic film soundtrack. As Rebekah shared in our interview: “Several years ago I had the opportunity to submit some of my songs to the Hobbit filmmakers for consideration (while Warner Bros. gave it two thumbs up, none of the songs in fact made it into the film). Within the year I also created (and submitted to the Hobbit filmmakers) a fourth song inspired by The Hobbit.” Although these songs were unfortunately not in the film, they are indeed part of this evocative album. Listening with eyes closed, it is not hard to create your own movie within the theater of your imagination.


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Album: At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father’s Tree
Artist: Terry Lee Nichols

Terry Lee Nichols CDFor some recording artists, their songs or the theme of their album can be abstract conceptually, while for others like Florida-based composer, pianist, and multi-instrumentalist Terry Lee Nichols, it can be extremely personal. Terry’s debut release on the up and coming Heart Dance Records label, run by award-winning flutist Sherry Finzer, is described as: “an album of 17 moving and contemplative suites, all designed to tell the artist’s story in a non-linear recollection of experiences had, vignettes of moments captured, and a lifetime of challenges bested.” Terry’s love of music for film adds a cinematic dimension to his sound View full article »

Awaken Me by Kimberly Haynes

Artist: Kimberly Haynes
Album: Awaken Me

Awaken MeOn her new album, Awaken Me, vocalist Kimberly Haynes paints musical portraits from a diverse palate of influences that include new age, folk, soft pop, world music, and more. Her expressive voice ranges from soft to soaring with thoughtful and inspiring lyrics that touch the heart and illuminate the spiritual quest. Subtitled: “Songs from the Heart of a Seeker,” the spectrum of her eclectic and enlightening vocal performances evokes both the tenderness of a mother’s touch and the ancient feminine power of a tribal priestess singing her truth for the betterment of the community.


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White Sun II by White Sun

Album: White Sun II
Artists: White Sun

White Sun II - Album CoverIts been a year since I wrote about the self-titled debut album of White Sun, a Los Angeles-based band known for its pioneering musical interpretations of yogic mantras. Now they are following up with the release of their next album appropriately called White Sun II. For those who may not be familiar, the dictionary defines a mantra as: “a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation, a Vedic hymn, a statement or slogan repeated frequently.” While this type of spiritual chanting dates back to ancient times, it has been enjoying a modern resurgence as people search for deeper attunement and inner connection in life. View full article »

Secret Garden by Monica Logani

Album: Secret Garden
Artist: Monica Logani

PrintI often find it interesting to see the path an artist’s life has taken to get to the point where they are at now in their career. For pianist/composer Monica Logani, who has just released her debut album, the way has been winding. View full article »

Album: A Stagey Bank Affair
Artist: Arun Shenoy & The Groove Project

A-A-Stagey-Bank-Affair-Album-Cover-Art-1It’s been about three and a half years since I wrote about guitarist, composer, producer, and Grammy nominee Arun Shenoy’s groundbreaking recording, Rumbadoodle. At the time I found it fascinating that someone born, raised, and educated in India, and now living in Singapore, would produce an album of rumba flamenco music, featuring musicians from very diverse corners of the world. However, as I’ve come to learn with Arun, the one thing to expect is the unexpected. On his new, interestingly titled album (more on that later) Arun Shenoy & The Groove Project, as the name implies, venture deep into the world of funk, with elements of jazz-fusion, rock, and a bit of world music.


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Album: Recollections: Volume 1
Artist: Robert Slap

RecollectionsEarlier this year, I had the pleasure of writing about Robert Slap’s mystical journey of an album entitled, Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World. Now, with the release of his new recording Recollections: Volume 1, I’m equally enthused. While the Atlantis Trilogy album was a trip into the mists of the ancient past, Recollections: Volume 1 also does a bit of time traveling, although not quite so far back. Robert has been a prolific recording artist and performer, and last year marked his 50th anniversary in the music industry. This new album is a 12-song collection of instrumental tunes recorded over the last several years, along with a couple of gems from earlier recordings.


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Crossroads by Marc Enfroy

Album: Crossroads
Artist: Marc Enfroy

crossroads cdWhile many albums that I write about contain a song or songs that have been inspired by an event in an artist’s life, rarely have I seen an album that is so intensely autobiographical from start to finish as Crossroads, the latest release from pianist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Marc Enfroy. As the title implies, the album charts a difficult time and point of decision in Marc’s life. View full article »

Album: The Wisdom of My Shadow
Artist: Lisa Downing

album coverEver since the golden age of rock music in the 60’s and 70’s I’ve had a particular fondness for “concept albums.” Wikipedia defines them as: “studio albums with thematic unity or artistic cohesiveness.” Examples such as The Beatles Sgt. Pepper, Tommy by The Who, and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon come to mind. Albums of this type often tell a story or take the listener on journey. The latest instrumental release by pianist/composer Lisa Downing, entitled The Wisdom of My Shadow, is one of these albums. View full article »

Beyond Dreams by Hennie Bekker

Album: Beyond Dreams
Artist: Hennie Bekker

coverIn a departure from the more worldly music that has characterized some of Hennie Bekker’s recordings in recent years, his latest album, “Beyond Dreams” reflects a more otherworldly sonic dimension. Subtitled, “Pathways To Deep Relaxation, the music is based on the latest scientific research in brainwaves and body response and features dreamy synthesizers, piano, soft rhythmic pulses, and ambient atmospheres to gently entrain the listener into a profoundly peaceful state.


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Album: The Road To Chiang Mai
Artist: Bill Wren

billwren1Its hard to believe that almost 4 years have gone by since I wrote about Bill Wren’s last album with Frank Ralls entitled Journey Around The Sun. I began that feature article with these words: “If I were asked to write a one-word review of Journey Around The Sun, that word would probably be ‘wow!’ And perhaps followed by another exclamation point or two if space permitted.” And that brief description could just as easily apply to this new release, The Road To Chiang Mai. It is a truly epic production on every level.


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Album: Matters of Balance
Artist: Richard Carr

Matters-of-Balance_sidebarIt’s been exactly 3 years since I wrote about Richard Carr’s previous album Soul Rekindled and quite a number of changes have taken place in that time. Soul Rekindled was a solo piano representation of Richard’s spiritual journey after Hurricane Katrina, which affected him deeply having lived and worked as a performer in New Orleans for 10 years. In the last year, Richard has relocated to beautiful Monterey, California, south of San Francisco. Another change is that, unlike much of his music, this new release is not a solo piano recording, but features a number of world- class accompanists. View full article »

Album: Wishful Thinking
Artist: Samer Fanek

samer-fanek-wishful-thinking-frontThe act of “wishful thinking” is something we’ve all done at one time or another. For some, it remains purely in the realm of thought, while others may act on those desires to bring them into manifestation. Keyboardist/composer Samer Fanek is one of the later. (Pronunciation note: Samer rhymes with hammer, and Fanek rhymes with panic) In the pursuit of making his dream a reality, Samer took a huge leap of faith and not long ago, quit a high paying software developer job in Silicon Valley, which he had for 5 years in order to devote himself to music full time.


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Album: Rendezvous In Paris
Artist: Lena Natalia

 Rendezvous In ParisRendezvous In Paris is the follow up release by modern classical pianist/composer Lena Natalia to her critically acclaimed and award winning debut album Sundays In Paris, which was a Gold Medal Awards Winner for Best Album and Minimalist Piano Melodies by the Global Music Awards. That level of recognition is quite an honor for a debut recording. This new release revisits some familiar places while continuing to explore the diverse musical and emotional landscapes of Parisian life.


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Album: A Bridge Between
Artists: Carbe and Durand

Carbe and Durand A Bridge Between CD coverAs the famous opening line from the British comedy show, Monty Python, goes: “And now for something completely different.” The great majority of the albums I write about in this genre are original compositions, with an occasional cover tune included. However, on the new album by Liza Carbe and JP Durand entitled A Bridge Between, 10 of the 13 songs are well-known cover tunes from the 60’s to the 80’s from folk to pop to classic rock. The artists they cover range from Simon and Garfunkel to Ozzy Osbourne, just to give an idea of the diversity. Even though some of the songs are originally from heavy electric bands, all of the versions here are performed in an acoustic guitar duet format, which makes for some very interesting renditions, to say the least. And the wildly eclectic nature of their song choices made this one of the most fun recordings I’ve had the pleasure to listen to in a while.


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Album: Dividing The Darkness
Artist: Steve Rivera

6PAN1T-C_Steve_rivera_F.inddMany rivers flow to the sea, and likewise, many creative and spiritual tributaries in pianist/composer Steve Rivera’s life have led him to the level of consummate artistry he has achieved today. Steve is a gifted artist who has overcome a number of seemingly insurmountable challenges in life to achieve his long sought-after goals. View full article »

Album: Sacred Visions
Artist: Peter Sterling

Peter-Sterling-Sacred_Visions_webWell-known harpist and composer Peter Sterling is definitely in the groove with his latest release, Sacred Visions. The recording combines the earthy rhythms of both East and West with celestial harp, flute, keyboards, guitar, vocals, and a variety of world musical instruments in a unique alchemy of ancient and contemporary elements. The result is an album of uplifting positive energy tracks that is sure to raise your spirit and get your toe tapping.

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Book: Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine
Author: Elson Haas, MD

getPartSince completing medical school in 1973, Elson Haas, MD has emerged as one of the leaders of the ever-expanding integrative health movement. An awareness about the importance of a holistic approach to health came in an epiphany Dr. Haas had after finishing his formal training as a physician. The realization was that what he had been taught equipped him to focus on illnesses and disease, but not on fundamental health and wellness. In his words: “I had been trained as a ‘symptom fixer’ and ‘disease fighter,’ and not as an educator or healer.” Interestingly, as Dr. Haas points out, the word “doctor” comes from the Latin for “teacher.” View full article »

Book: Whole Body Intelligence
Author: Steve Sisgold

whole_body_intelligence_book_coverSteve Sisgold is an author, speaker, trainer and executive coach who has appeared on major radio and TV shows including PBS and Oprah, as well as writing for The Huffington Post, Mindbodygreen, and Psychology Today. With an M.A. in marketing, a B.S. in business and a certification in body-centered psychotherapy, Steve is also the breakthrough coach to many best-selling self-help authors, Grammy and Oscar winners, CEO’s, a Major League baseball President, as well as Wellness and Business leaders. His books, Whole Body Intelligence and What’s Your Body Telling You? launched at number 7 on the San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller List and # 1 on in several categories.


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Album: Skipping On Daisies
Artist: Christopher Boscole

Skipping On DaisiesWhen it comes to the music of pianist/composer Christopher Boscole the one thing I’ve come to expect is the unexpected. This is the third album from him that I’ve had the pleasure of writing about, and each one has a bit of a different focus or flavor. The first one, Floating On A Melody, back in 2012 was an impressionistic contemporary instrumental album that reflected Christopher’s passion for sailing. The next one in 2014, A New Age Of Classical Piano, as the title alludes to, was primarily interpretations of works by classical composers such as Debussy, Satie, Chopin, and more. On this latest release, Skipping On Daisies, Christopher goes for a more light-hearted feel, which he describes as “solo piano compositions that are happy, lyrical, magical, and dreaming, reminiscent of new age and neoclassical mysticism.” View full article »

Time and Again by Bob Kilgore

Album: Time and Again
Artist: Bob Kilgore

 cover170x170Time and Again by Bob Kilgore is one of the most unique and intriguing albums I’ve written about in a while. That’s partly because of the music itself, but also the instrument it was created and played on. In addition to accompaniment on cello and keyboards, Bob’s primary instrument is… a guitar. But that is only part of the picture. What makes his ordinary guitar so different is a device he invented and markets called the Harmonic Capo. Simply put, this unassuming invention straps around the guitar’s neck like an ordinary capo but is specially designed to allow chiming crystalline harmonic notes on any fret. View full article »

A New Dream by Lynn Tredeau

Album: A New Dream
Artist: Lynn Tredeau

lynntredeau3Some of our dreams occur when we are asleep, and then there are those we dream when we are awake… our goals, desires, and visions for what we want in life. For pianist composer Lynn Tredeau, one of her dreams has been to create beautiful emotionally expressive music to share with the world. And with her third album, A New Dream, she continues making that dream a reality. In her words: “I feel like my life has been a journey through triumph & failure, joy & sorrow with each stage of life teaching me something new about myself and changing me in some way. As the music for this album came together I realized many of the pieces were touching a dream to compose and how it really became a journey of self-discovery and growth for myself, and also my husband.” View full article »

Album: Healing Ragas III
Artist: Manish Vyas

Healing Ragas 3Manish Vyas (pronounced Mahn-ish Vi-us) is quite a prolific recording artist. Healing Ragas III is the second album that I have had the pleasure of featuring this year, since writing about his beautiful Atma Bhakti CD on the Malimba Records label. Manish has a rich musical and spiritual background, which I wrote about extensively in the Atma Bhakti feature article. So rather than repeat it all here, I’ll refer readers who may be interested to that article here on Music and Media Focus. However, l will provide just the briefest glimpse at some of the highlights.


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Reiki Meditations by Nandin

Album: Reiki Meditations
Artist: Nandin

cover_20Reiki_20image002People are drawn to music for a wide variety of reasons and purposes. For flutist and multi-instrumentalist Nandin, music is a vehicle for spiritual attunement and healing… although it wasn’t always like that for her. In her earlier years Nandin (rhymes with Kathleen) studied with famous flutists, practicing for hours daily, getting a music degree in composition, winning competitions, playing in a professional orchestra and various ensembles and finally teaching at the local University and Music College in her native Canada. View full article »

Album: Scattering Stars
Artist: Michelle Qureshi

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.”

CDThese words by the Sufi poet Rumi were the inspiration for the title of the new album by composer/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Michelle Qureshi. Music and spirituality are inextricably linked for Michelle. In her words: “The more time I spend looking inward, the more I can express myself outwardly through music. I seem to be on this journey that is not planned yet flowing for me. Along the way, music is like a companion, mirroring my concerns, my sorrows, my joys, and desire to be at peace in my life, while sharing the experience.”


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Album: Follow The River Home
Artist: Jeff Pearce

Follow the River HomeFor many, the electric guitar has been a symbol of rock & roll and not usually thought of in terms of dreamy ambient soundscapes. But that is exactly what award winning recording artist Jeff Pearce has been creating with the instrument over the last 23 years. While it would be easy to assume that the ethereal layers of sound originate from synthesizers, they all indeed emanate from six strings, channeled through a variety of electronic effects. This latest release includes two live concert recordings and five studio compositions that reflect structured and improvised works, and some with a bit of both. Sonic cloud formations, shimmering arpeggiated chords, and stellar lead guitar take the listener on a musical magic carpet ride. Jeff’s albums have garnered a variety awards, nominations, critical acclaim, and radio airplay, and Follow The River Home, will certainly not be an exception. In fact, it is one of Jeff’s best releases yet.


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In The Garden by Seay

Album: In The Garden
Artist: Seay
Websites: and


 cdcoverIn The Garden by composer, vocalist, and instrumentalist Seay (pronounced “say”), is one of the most uplifting, richly orchestrated, and lavishly produced recordings I’ve heard in some time, on a level with the work of renowned artists like David Arkenstone or Enya. In fact, while some of Seay’s vocals and arrangements may evoke favorable comparisons with Enya, she indeed has her own unique style that integrates a much wider range of world music influences. With themes that include love and respect for the earth, the oneness of all life, and more, In The Garden is an exquisitely detailed and deeply inspirational musical experience.”


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Liminal by Silvia Nakkach

Album: Liminal
Artist: Silvia Nakkach

Liminal“Space… the final frontier.” For anyone who has ever watched Star Trek, these iconic words will strike a resonant chord. Although these words could also describe Liminal, the new album by GRAMMY nominated composer, vocalist, and instrumentalist Silvia Nakkach whose music is as much about sound as it is about the space that surrounds it. Billowing clouds of ambient atmospheres carry elements of Indian ragas, sacred Afro-Brazilian chants, and more that drift serenely over ever-evolving sonic terrain that is expansive, ethereal, and enchanting.


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Zia by Alexi Musnitsky

Album: Zia
Artist: Alexi Musnitsky

ZIAWhile many contemporary music genres are aimed at and draw from younger people and performers, some in their teens or barely out of them, the new age genre tends to resonate primarily with a, shall we say, more “mature” crowd. In my work as a new age music journalist a lot of the artists I interact with and write about are of the baby boom generation, myself included. Not to make too much of a sweeping generalization, but suffice it to say it’s a different demographic age-wise than genres such as pop, rock, hip hop, etc. So it is refreshing (and encouraging) to encounter someone like 20 year-old pianist/composer Alexi Musnitsky who is drawn to this kind of music at such an early stage of his life and career.


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Album: National Park Soundscapes
Artist: Jill Haley

jillhaley4If anyone comes close to expressing the ineffable splendor of nature through music, it is Jill Haley. Her National Park Soundscapes album illuminates both the grandeur and subtlety of these natural wonders. Each piece is beautifully written in tribute to a particular park and enhanced by the musical chemistry between Jill and her talented accompanists, making for a most enchanting listening experience.


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Album: Everything In Between
Artist: Jeffrey Seeman

everything-in-between-1700x1700bIn talking to and writing about many different musicians and recording artists, I always find it interesting to hear about their creative process. For some, while they are working on their music, they don’t want to listen to anything else in order to maintain a strict focus on their own sound. And then there are those, such as guitarist/composer Jeffrey Seeman, who draws inspiration from what he hears and is happy to let it influence his creativity. View full article »

Album: Simply Beautiful Collection II
Artist: Laima Gaizutis

BeautifulCollectionCDCover-300x263Although I might normally end a feature article with a quote like this from an artist, I liked it so much I think I’ll begin with it. In my interview with pianist and composer Laima Gaizutis my final question was: What are your musical goals in the future? I loved her half serious, half tongue in cheek reply: “To have my music recognized. I have a wardrobe ready to go!”


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Labyrinth by Anora

Album: Labyrinth
Artist: Anora

LabyrinthAnora is an artist that was new to me; a fact that only adds to how impressed I am with what an incredibly multi-talented person she is. And I’m sure that as this album gets more exposure in the media and is heard by many people, her name and music will become well known. Actually, “Anora” is her artist identity, while her “real” name is Molly Bohman, but for the purpose of this feature article I’ll refer to her as Anora since we are focusing on her artistic endeavors. View full article »

Album: Where Butterflies Dance
Artist: Ann Sweeten

412219LNgpL._SS280I’m always happy to receive a new recording from internationally renowned, chart-topping, award-winning pianist/composer Ann Sweeten. Previously, I’ve written about 3 of her earlier releases including 2 CD’s: In The Wake and Tapestries of Time, as well a DVD of a live performance entitled Live at the St. George – An Evening with Ann Sweeten. Since those feature articles contain details about Ann’s musical background, I’ll refer readers who may be interested in learning more to those articles. However, some brief highlights include the fact that Ann holds the prestigious title of an official “Steinway Artist,” which places her in the company of some of the finest and most well known pianists in the world. View full article »

Uma: Artist Profile

Artist: Uma

uma-silbey-biopicIf this artist profile about Uma were to delve into detail about every facet of her life’s work, it could easily fill 10 pages or more. So the challenge is to present as complete a picture as possible within the scope of this feature article. The use of the word “facet” in the above sentence is not incidental, as we’ll soon see. For me, having been a new age music journalist and magazine columnist for over 35 years, I’m quite familiar with Uma’s music, and the 18 albums she has released since the early 1980’s. View full article »

Cloudwalker by Steven Cravis

Album: Cloudwalker
Artist: Steven Cravis

CloudwalkerMusicians create for many different reasons. For some it is about the quest for fame and fortune, while others may be motivated by the sheer joy of self-expression and creativity. For pianist and composer Steven Cravis, there is a more idealistic inspiration. In our recent interview, Steven shared: “My musical vision is to create music that first unifies the listener with themselves,  and then gives them a sense that they are connected with everyone/everything. I also like that instrumental music is truly universal and communicates to everyone in the world, transcending language.” View full article »


Album: Trialogue
Artists: Sherry Finzer, Darin Mahoney, Will Clipman

Trialogue_CoverThe appropriately named Trialogue is a musical conversation between three superb musicians who collectively have numerous international awards, GRAMMY nominations, and more among their impressive list of accolades. The alchemy of Sherry Finzer’s flutes, Darin Mahoney’s guitar, and the percussion of Will Clipman is magical, covering diverse musical terrain that ranges from light and breezy to exotic and atmospheric. Trialogue is truly a harmonic convergence of world-class talent that will appeal to a wide audience of music lovers. View full article »

11:11 by John Fluker

Album: 11:11
Artist: John Fluker

coverJohn Fluker is a man on a mission. As he describes it: “My life is about sharing my musical knowledge, using my talents to help other performers create inspiring music, and now, sharing my own music with the public in hopes that it brings them pleasure and a sense of peace. I feel that each time we create a piece of music we are closer to God and unlocking the great mysteries of our existence. My musical vision is to keep creating as long as I am able to.” Over the course of John’s extensive musical career, he has taken advantage of the numerous opportunities that have been presented to him to fulfill these goals and touch the lives of many people through his inspirational artistry.


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Album: Transmigration
Artists: Al Jewer and Andy Mitran

Transmigration Cover 300x300Having written a feature article about Al Jewer and Andy Mitran’s Surrounding Sky CD, which was one of my favorite ambient albums of 2015, I was pleasantly surprised to receive their latest release, Transmigration, so soon. But I guess there is no keeping this dynamic duo down when they are on a roll. And they are definitely on a roll! As impressed as I was with Surrounding Sky, this new release takes it to a whole other level. Andy and Al’s music has always been a collaborative process between the two of them, although their last album included a special guest who played on a few tracks. However on Transmigration, which is subtitled a journey with friends, they have called in the cavalry and enlisted the collaboration of 22 guest artists! View full article »

Piano Jazz My Way by John Paris

Album: Piano Jazz My Way
Artist: John Paris

Front Cover_2Perhaps in some very small way I can take just a tiny bit of credit for the inspiration of John Paris’ latest album, Piano Jazz My Way. In our recent interview, John mentioned that I, and my fellow music journalist Kathy Parsons of had both been encouraging him to do a recording displaying his incredible jazz piano chops. While his earlier albums certainly reflected various elements of this style, here he has produced a recording that fully lets his inner jazz cat out of the bag. View full article »

Album: Signature – Synchronicity
Artist: Fiona Joy

fionajoyThe new release by Australian pianist/composer Fiona Joy represents one of the more interesting and unique projects I’ve encountered recently in my 35 years as a new age music journalist. Just about one year ago, I wrote a feature article about her previous release, Signature – Solo, which out of the 11 albums she has recorded was her first solo piano CD. With this new release, Signature – Synchronicity, Fiona reprises these same piano compositions, but adds accompaniment by a host of world-class musicians, recorded at GRAMMY winning producer and Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman’s iconic Imaginary Road Studios. View full article »

Album: Distant Horseman
Artist: Timothy Wenzel

Distant HorsemanReceiving a new album by Timothy Wenzel is always something I look forward to. Having written previously about his Summon The Wind and River Serene albums, I’ve become a fan of his beautifully written compositions. I’ve learned that Timothy likes to center his music on a specific theme, and this one is no exception. As he described in our interview: “Comprising twelve instrumental selections, the album Distant Horseman is conceptually both a spiritual and a seasonal journey. The songs represent an introspective and allegorical journey, a pondering of what lies beyond the bend in the river. To me the emphasis is on transformation. View full article »

Elysian by Lynn Yew Evers

Album: Elysian
Artist: Lynn Yew Evers

elysian-300x300If there was ever a perfect Sunday morning album, Elysian, the new release from pianist/composer Lynn Yew Evers is it – although it is equally enjoyable any time or day of the week. Her gentle piano melodies, accompanied by a host of world-class musicians, caress and soothe the listener into a peaceful and relaxed state. With production by Will Ackerman, Lynn’s heartfelt playing and compositions are as emotionally evocative as they are elegantly understated, providing a collection of songs that can be enjoyed over and over again.


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Celtic Fairy Lullaby by 2002

Album: Celtic Fairy Lullaby
Artist: 2002

CD_Celtic_Fairy_Lullaby_279Celtic Fairy Lullaby is the eagerly awaited new release from the award-winning group 2002, one of the world’s premier new age music ensembles. While husband and wife Randy and Pamela Copus have produced many albums as a duo, their last few releases have featured their daughter Sarah in supporting roles, particularly their most recent, Trail Of Dreams. Now at the age of 11, Sarah, who is truly a rising star, shines in the spotlight as the lead vocalist, as well as on harp, in this enchanting collection of soothing ancient melodies sung in Irish Gaelic, Welsh and English. As always, the album’s production is superb; enhancing the lush soundscapes the group is so well known for. Fans of Enya, Loreena Mckennitt, and Clannad will find a lot to like in the magical music of Celtic Fairy Lullaby.


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On Eagle Mountain by Todd Mosby

Album: On Eagle Mountain
Artist: Todd Mosby

On Eagle MountainWhile many musicians create their own music, not many, I’m sure, create their own original instruments to play it on. However, guitarist Todd Mosby helped design and create one of the most fascinating guitar/sitar fusions I’ve ever seen. And man, can he play it! More on this innovative instrument later, but for now let me introduce and provide some background on this master musician.


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Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep

Album: Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep
Artist: Liquid Mind

liquid mindI’m sure that anyone who has been following the new age music genre for any length of time will be familiar with the name Liquid Mind, one of the premier producers of soothing sounds. Liquid Mind is actually the name that composer, keyboardist, and Emmy®-nominated songwriter Chuck Wild records as. Since 1994, Chuck has released 14 albums under the Liquid Mind moniker. In Chuck’s words: “Liquid Mind® is ‘therapeutic’ music, specifically designed to reduce anxiety and cause a deep state of relaxation.” View full article »

Abendromen by Tom Eaton

Album: Abendromen
Artist: Tom Eaton

tomeaton2I don’t know how many albums I’ve written about in the past 5 years or so that have been engineered and/or co-produced by Tom Eaton – at least 30, I’d guess. In his role at the iconic Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont, working along side GRAMMY winning producer and Windham Hill Records Founder Will Ackerman, this dynamic duo has become the premier production team for artists in the new age music genre. So it’s interesting to see Tom step out from behind the glass in the control room from working on other artist’s music to producing his own music for a change.

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Castle Moon by Joseph Akins

Album: Castle Moon
Artist: Joseph Akins

CastleMoonCover-72-dpiSporting one of my favorite album covers that I’ve seen in a while, Castle Moon, the new release by pianist and composer Joseph Akins offers an interesting yin/yang contrast with his previous album A Southern Sun, which I also had the pleasure of writing about. That album, as the title implies, had a solar theme and a brighter ambiance in comparison to the new album’s moon theme and corresponding musical direction. According to Joseph: “This album has a nightly theme. Overall, it has a darker, mysterious sound. This was accomplished by the use of more minor keys and exotic scales. I wanted to create an album that was the antithesis of my previous album.” Castle Moon includes 11 original solo piano compositions, as well as Joseph’s arrangement of the theme from the popular HBO series, “Game of Thrones.” View full article »

Album: Safe In Your Arms
Artist: Scott Cossu

Safe In Your Arms CDThe name of Scott Cossu is one that long-time fans of new age music will be familiar with. This highly regarded pianist/composer was one of the very first artists on Will Ackerman and Alex De Grassi’s legendary Windham Hill Records label, which Scott recorded on for nineteen years. In fact, Windham Hill piano icon George Winston used to open for Scott in concert in the early years. With some of the songs from Scott’s extensive music catalog being currently out of print, he has chosen to re-record seven of them here, featured along with five exquisite new compositions. Accompanying Scott’s much-loved signature piano sound are guitar, flutes, and harmonica. View full article »

Grace by Joe Heinemann

Album: Gratitude
Artist: Joe Heinemann

gratitude-front-picThe Latin root of the word “gratitude,” means “pleasing.” The new album by pianist and composer Joe Heinemann, which bears the name Gratitude certainly lives up to the origin of its title, as the word “pleasing” provides a perfect description of the graceful and elegant melodies found within it’s 11 tracks. Although Joe has had a long and extensive professional career as a jazz and blues keyboardist, recording and sharing the stage with well-known artists such as Steve Miller, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, Albert Collins, Charlie Musselwhite, and more, this album marks his debut as a solo pianist playing his own music. View full article »

Artist: Dave Reynolds

DRPFor guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Dave Reynolds, music has been and continues to be his passion and calling in life. From his extensive education to his remarkably diverse experiences as a performer, Dave is a consummate musician on a quest to use his considerable talents in service to others. In his own words: “I want my music to spread joy and peace, to give people a break from their human existence. To put them into a heavenly space even if just for an hour, a few minutes, or a few seconds is an incredible gift.”


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Album: Prayers for the Water
Artist: Heather Houston

Prayers for the WaterWith 71% of the earth’s surface being covered by water, its surprising how little attention is paid to it as we go about our lives on the remaining 29% of the planet. Fortunately there are people like Heather Houston who care deeply and are devoted to raising awareness, not only about our physical relationship with water, but the spiritual aspect as well. Heather is an acclaimed singer, recording artist, voice teacher, and workshop leader who is known for her beautifully soulful voice and her ability to open hearts, lift spirits, and build community through music.


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Album: Between Shadow And Light
Artist: Neil Patton

album coverThe title of pianist Neil Patton’s award-winning album Between Shadow And Light provides more than a hint of the thematic direction and inspiration of the recording. According to Neil: “This album was largely inspired by people in my life (myself included) who are traveling through valleys of suffering and healing.” View full article »

Album: Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World
Artist: Robert Slap

f-AtlantisCOVERHaving been a new age music journalist for over 3 decades, the name of Robert Slap is one I’ve been familiar with for a long time. Recording artist and music industry professional, Robert Slap, recently celebrated his 50th anniversary in the music industry – a journey he calls: “from Motown to Atlantis.” View full article »

Convergence by Karen Olson

Album: Convergence
Artist: Karen Olson

Convergence coverQuick, name your top 5 favorite new age violists. I’d be surprised if anyone could, as the viola is an instrument not as frequently found outside the realm of classical music. However, Karen Olson has been expanding the boundaries and application of the instrument into uncharted territory. Although her latest album, Convergence, may be classified as a new age recording, Karen’s background and musical career has been as diverse as you could possibly imagine.


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Atma Bhakti by Manish Vyas

Album: Atma Bhakti
Artist: Manish Vyas

Atma BhaktiOver the past decade or two, there has been a tremendous explosion in what has come to known as “world music.” Some of it encompasses a fusion of diverse cultural influences into an international musical melting pot, while others strive to maintain a strict devotion to a particular ethnicity or cultural lineage. The music of Manish Vyas (pronounced Mahn-ish Vi-us) on his latest release, Atma Bhakti, is the latter. While at various points in his long music career, he has played in a variety of musical settings that drew from various influences; here he is maintaining more of a purist perspective with this recording project.


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Album: Unbroken Dreams
Artists: Josefine and Trine Opsahl

UnbrokenCover-300x269It’s been about 3 years since I wrote about Celtic harpist Trine Opsahl’s enchanting album, Somewhere in a Hidden Memory, which I greatly enjoyed. In fact I was even inspired to think about learning to play the harp after hearing it. So I was excited to receive her new album, Unbroken Dreams, which features a new musical partner – her daughter Josefine, who is quite accomplished on the cello. According to their press release: “Beyond words, and one in spirit, best describes a unique bond between a mother and daughter who effortlessly share the gift of musical expression.” In Trine’s own words: “As mother and daughter we unite through our music in a timeless beautiful place of deep peace and tranquility as we resonate in unison with the language of our souls.”


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There Was a Time by Kathryn Kaye

Album: There Was a Time
Artist: Kathyrn Kaye

There Was a TimeWith her fifth release, There Was a Time, pianist/composer Kathryn Kaye follows up a string of critically acclaimed and chart topping albums, including her most recent, Patterns of Sun and Shade. Here, she once again reprises her long-standing working relation with GRAMMY winning producer and Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman and his call list of world-class studio musicians. With neo-classical, contemporary instrumental, and new age influences, Kathryn’s gentle melodies also draw from the deep well of the Appalachian folk music she grew up with. View full article »

Album: Beyond the Clearing
Artist: Robert Linton

robert linton albumIt was interesting to receive the new album by guitarist Robert Linton exactly on the fifth anniversary of my Music and Media Focus website, considering that his previous release, Throughout The Autumn Light was one of the first albums I had the pleasure to write about here. That release went on to do very well, garnering a number 2 spot on the ZMR Top 100 Radio Airplay charts, as well as a nomination for Best Instrumental Acoustic Album.


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Butterfly Rapture by Brian Kelly

Album: Butterfly Rapture
Artist: Brian Kelly

12341431_10153839366926318_1564970241365618296_nFor some, music is a hobby or a pleasant pastime. For others, it is as essential as the air they breathe. According to pianist/composer Brian Kelly: “Music is my home. It became my home because it was the constant in my early life. Our family moved around a lot when I was a kid. By the time I left for college, my family had moved 18 times. Music has continued to be my home throughout my adult life.”


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Album: Keepsakes in the Attic
Artist: Jeff Bjorck

cd coverAs the title, Keepsakes in the Attic, implies, pianist/composer Jeff Bjorck has created an album filled with nostalgia and treasured memories, both real and imagined. (Note: Bjorck is pronounced as Byork – one syllable, rhymes with “York”) In my interview with Jeff, he spoke about the inspiration and concept for the album: “As I composed the pieces for this CD, I repeatedly imagined myself in the attic of an old house, with sun drifting through a single window, casting a warm light on an old steamer trunk like the ones my great-grandparents used when immigrating from Sweden in the late 1800s. I envisioned myself perusing many of my family’s heirlooms, and it was this vision (also depicted on the back cover) that inspired this album.”


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Moments by Tim Neumark

Album: Moments (Solo Piano, Op. 7)
Artist: Tim Neumark

moments-cover-247Award winning solo pianist Tim Neumark always chooses interesting themes for his albums, and his latest release, Moments, is no exception. According to Tim: “Life is made of moments. The best moments and memories aren’t necessarily the weddings, graduations, and births, but the smaller events in your life: your child dancing, pets greeting you at the door, a touching book or piece of music. With this album, I tried to reflect on some moments that have mattered to me.” He also shared that he hopes the album gives listeners time to reflect on their own personal moments.


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Nightbound by David Lindsay

Album: Nightbound
Artist: David Lindsay

NIghtboundThe term “second wind” might be a good one to describe the newly invigorated music career of acoustic guitarist David Lindsay. From 1985 to 2000, David recorded and performed in concert, as well as on live radio and TV in Canada. In the time between then and now, he practiced law and studied the lute. Currently in 2015, his new album, Nightbound, marks his triumphant return to writing and recording music. I use the “triumphant” partly because David went all-out to work with one of the ultimate producers of acoustic guitar music in the world, Windham Hill Records founder and GRAMMY winning producer Will Ackerman at his iconic Imaginary Road Studios. View full article »

Album: Fifth Essence
Artist: Anaya Music

A_fifth_Essence_capa_site_resizedThe sound of Fifth Essence is the sound of heaven and earth. Heavenly in it’s ethereal angelic voices and new age ambiance, and earthy in it’s rich symphonic strings and neoclassical influences. While Anaya is a talented composer whose intriguing and often unexpected chord changes and melodies caught my attention, I was most impressed with her heartfelt intention in creating beautiful music to inspire and uplift the spirit of the listener. In addition to the music, the album’s visionary cover art is gorgeous and inspirational as well.


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Album: Starlight, Starbright
Artist: Candice Night

Starlight, StarbrightAward-winning vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and lyricist Candice Night is certainly no stranger to the pages of Music and Media Focus. She has been best known for almost two decades as a primary member of the hugely popular band Blackmore’s Night, along with her husband and ex-Deep Purple guitarist, Richie Blackmore. Their alchemical brew of Renaissance and Medieval music, Celtic, English folk, and rock influences has generated millions of adoring fans around the world. View full article »

Winter Symphony by Jennifer Thomas

Album: Winter Symphony
Artist: Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer-Thomas-Winter-Symphony-square-150x150Holiday albums come in a wide range of styles from heartfelt solo piano recordings to more elaborate productions. However, Winter Symphony by pianist, violinist, and composer Jennifer Thomas is practically off the charts in terms of the magnitude of its production. Incorporating a large number of musicians from 3 orchestras, a full choir, as well as art and production staff, the credits alone take up two full pages in the 15-page color booklet that accompanies the album. View full article »

Journey Home by Raphael Groten

Album: Journey Home
Artist: Raphael Groten


RaphaelGrotenCDCover-300x267Although Raphael Groten has been playing guitar for 30 years, Journey Home is his debut solo recording on the instrument. But as the saying goes: “Good things are worth waiting for,” and Raphael has made up for lost time by delivering this finely crafted album that highlights his six-string talents. If listening to this recording brings up memories of the iconic Windham Hill sound, it is more than a coincidence. Journey Home was actually produced by the GRAMMY winning producer and founder of Windham Hill Records,  Will Ackerman himself, at his renowned Imaginary Road Studios. And as most of the recordings there are, it was exquisitely engineered and mastered by Tom Eaton, who was also a co-producer along with Raphael.


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Album: Surrounding Sky
Artists: Al Jewer and Andy Mitran

Surrounding SkyWhile many recording artists in the new age genre craft their musical masterpieces in solitude, others prefer the team approach to writing and recording. Andy Mitran and Al Jewer are among the latter, having been musical partners for about 15 years. In that time the dynamic duo created 4 CD’s and 4 DVD’s, which have generated numerous awards and nominations. In 2004 they were approached by producers of the Oprah Winfrey Show to contribute music to their production library, which lead to them composing hundreds of pieces that helped create Oprah’s “Harpo Sounds” music library.  View full article »

Album: Forever Christmas
Artists: David Lanz and Kristin Amarie
Websites: and

 Forever ChristmasForever Christmas is a stunning collaboration by pianist/composer David Lanz and Norwegian-born vocalist Kristin Amarie (pronounced Christine) who are not only musical partners but life partners as well. David humorously refers to themselves as “the Sonny and Cher of New Age music.” I previously had the pleasure of hearing and writing a feature article about their gorgeous Silhouettes Of Love album, of which I said: “A master alchemist could not have come up with a more perfect blend of elements than the chemistry created in the music of David Lanz and Kristin Amarie – pure magic!” And that magic is very much alive within the heartfelt tracks of their Forever Christmas album. View full article »

Christmas Lights by Doug Hammer

Album: Christmas Lights
Artist: Doug Hammer

christmas_lights_240Christmas Lights is the tenth album release from prolific composer and pianist Doug Hammer. The album includes solo piano versions of 17 traditional Christmas favorites and one new original composition (the title track.) There is a lovely story that goes with this original piece, but since it is the final track on the album, I’ll save it for later. Before discussing the music, for those who may not be familiar, Doug Hammer has both won and been nominated for many awards and honors over the course of his career after graduating from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. View full article »

Under The Stars by Joanne Lazzaro

Album: Under The Stars
Artist: Joanne Lazzaro

Under the StarsThere have been many solo flute albums over the years, but perhaps the most seminal in the new age genre was the iconic Inside, recorded by Paul Horn in the Taj Mahal back in 1968. Its natural ambiance and reverberation gave it a dimension that enchanted listeners. Since then numerous albums have been recorded in a wide variety of settings including cathedrals, caves and caverns, in the Great Pyramid, and even while rafting down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon as The Paul Winter Consort did in 1985. Inspired by the original Paul Horn recording, flutist Joanne Lazzaro decided to do a solo flute recording in a unique and sonically resonant setting: the 100-inch telescope dome at the historic Mount Wilson Observatory in the San Gabriel Mountains outside of Los Angeles.


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Album: Fall Into Winter
Artist: Bryan Carrigan

Fall Into WinterLooking out my window a few days before Thanksgiving, and seeing the red and golden leaves drifting gently from the trees to the ground, it seems like the perfect time to be listening to and writing about the latest release from Bryan Carrigan entitled “Fall Into Winter.” While this would be considered a seasonal recording, it’s not a holiday album. In fact, as Bryan humorously shares: “This is not your mama’s seasonal album and absolutely no ‘Jingle Bells’ or Christmas covers were harmed in the making of this CD.” He goes on to describe it as: “…loaded with over 73 minutes of wintery ambient goodness, capturing not only the cold and dark tone of winter but the stillness, beauty, and introspection that the season evokes.”


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Out of the Blue by Cory Lavine

Album: Out of the Blue
Artist: Cory Lavine

Out-of-the-BlueI really like the concept behind the title of Cory Lavine’s album Out of the Blue. In his words: “Over the years, I, and maybe you yourself have been inspired by people who’ve come in and out of your life. Many of these who I am referring to, came to us from out of nowhere. They came, “Out of the Blue.” Who sent them? Where did they come from? How did they know when and where to find us, and why? Regardless if we ever find out the answers I believe when we look deep within ourselves, we can often answer the reason why. This album is dedicated to all those who’ve inspired us to be our best, and to be sure we’re living out our lives to the fullest.”


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Christmas Beyond by Steven C

Album: Christmas Beyond
Artist: Steven C

steven_c-christmas-beyond-coverFor many artists who record their albums in studios, the ideal is to have the space be as neutral as possible. Then later, ambiance is added electronically through reverb and other effects. For his Christmas Beyond album, multi-platinum composer and pianist Steven C (a.k.a. Steven C. Anderson) wanted the space to be as much a part of the recording as the instruments. To fulfill this desire, Steven was granted permission to record this project in the iconic 100-year-old Cathedral of Saint Paul in Minnesota. As he shares: “While putting together the music, it became apparent through my muse that to capture the timeless sacredness I wished to embody and create, it needed to be done in a reverent and sacred place. Through her vision, the Cathedral of Saint Paul was the place. It has been a highlight of my career to be able to record there, and I can’t wait ot perform these songs live for an audience.”


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You Are My Home by Michael Whalen

Album: You Are My Home
Artist: Michael Whalen

Michael Whalen album coverTo say that Michael Whalen has had, and continues to have, an illustrious career in the music industry would certainly qualify for understatement of the year status. His experiences and achievements are the stuff of dreams for many aspiring artists and composers. To mention them all would take a good deal of this feature article and leave little room to talk about his wonderful new album. But briefly, Michael is a two time Emmy® award-winner and a veteran of more than 750 television and film scores, thousands of commercials and numerous TV themes and corporate identity pieces. His most well known credits include music for “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “Inside Edition”, themes & network IDs for HBO, PBS, CBS, Comcast, additional music for the feature film “What the Bleep Do We Know?,” short films for Disney, and the theme for “Good Morning America”.

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Asia Beauty by Ron Korb

Album: Asia Beauty
Artist: Ron Korb

Asia BeautyAs the old saying goes: “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” and I suppose that extends to CD’s as well. However, its hard not to be extremely impressed with the first impression flutist Ron Korb’s Asia Beauty CD makes with its stunning packaging and 36 page booklet with gorgeous full color photos and liner notes. Before even hearing the music, you are drawn into Ron’s world travels to exotic places and spaces. Fortunately, the music is equally impressive as well.


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Christmas by Curtis Macdonald

Album: Christmas
Artist: Curtis Macdonald

Christmas CVR 500 X 500Among the many nice things I could say about keyboardist/composer Curtis Macdonald is that his creativity and versatility seem to know no bounds. His latest release of holiday music entitled Christmas, follows in the wake of a very different kind of album he released last year, which I had the pleasure of writing about. View full article »

Shastro: artist profile

Artist: Shastro

sha1-400pxjpgMulti-instrumentalist Shastro, who was born in Venice, Italy, has spent a good part of his life traveling the world on a quest for musical and spiritual inspiration. Although he began his professional career as a fashion photographer, all that changed one day on a crowded street in India. In 1985, Shastro left Italy to live in a spiritual community in India. As he describes: “I saw along the street a young Indian boy selling bamboo flutes. Without hesitation I bought one for 50 cents and I remember distinctly a voice inside me that said ‘now you will no longer be a photographer but a musician.’ View full article »

Little Things Of Life by Eichstaedt

Album: Little Things Of Life
Artist: Eichstaedt

Things Of LifeWhen I wrote a feature article about Eichstaedt’s first album, My Own Little World in 2013, I ended by saying: “The debut album by Petra Eichstaedt shows potential for this evolving artist. As the saying goes, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with at single step,’ and Petra’s first venture as a solo recording artist shows that she is on firm footing and following a promising creative path. I’ll look forward to her continuing adventures.” And now here we are in 2015 ready to set out on a new musical sojourn with her follow up release, Little Things Of Life. View full article »

Album: All Our Yesterdays
Artist: Blackmore’s Night

BLACKMORE allouryes DIGIPACK.inddI always knew that the group Blackmore’s Night was popular and had an extensive international following, but I must say I was taken a bit by surprise when I posted my feature article about their previous album, Dancer and The Moon, and it generated 500 views here on Music and Media on the first day alone. However, for those who may not be familiar, as I wrote at that time: “The music of Blackmore’s Night is an alchemical brew of Renaissance and Medieval music, Celtic, English folk, and rock influences. The seven-piece band employs a wide range of instruments harkening from the Middle Ages to the present.” This retro mix is lovingly referred to as “Ren-rock” by some of the group’s adoring fans.


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CD: Illumination of the Heart
Artist: Deuter

Illumination-of-the-Heart cover (Deuter)With over 60 albums to his credit since 1971, Deuter has to be one of the most prolific artists in new age music – a genre in which he was one of the pioneers. In my more than 30 years as a new age music journalist, I have written about many of his albums, the most recent being Reiki Hands of Love. In that feature article, I wrote about his formative years as well as his musical and spiritual background. Readers who are interested are encouraged to check out that article for further information. But briefly, Deuter (pronounced doy-ter) who was born in Germany remembers the first time he heard someone playing a flute. In his words: “It was like a light coming from the heavens. For one of my birthdays I was given a flute and that was the beginning for me.”


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The Ascent by Amy Faithe

CD: The Ascent
Artist: Amy Faithe

The AscentFrom soul to Soul describes the journey of vocalist Amy Faithe in the creation of her debut new age music release, The Ascent. In the years preceding the creation of this album, Amy has made a name for herself in the jazz, soul, and R&B genres, influenced by artists such as Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. However, with this album, Amy has a sense of moving into greater expression of what she feels is her life purpose and higher calling… to create music that is healing and spiritually uplifting.


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Keys of Light by Dan Chadburn

CD: Keys of Light
Artist: Dan Chadburn

Keys of LightKeys of Light is the third album by talented pianist/composer Dan Chadburn that I have had the pleasure of writing about. Detailed information about Dan’s musical background and extensive training in classical music, electro-acoustic music, and experiments in the avant-garde can be seen in my previous feature articles on his Nocturnes CD and Whispers The Falling Snow album which I also created a music video for. But briefly, Dan has won numerous awards and accolades, received worldwide radio airplay, and his performance venues have included Carnegie Hall in New York, Symphony Hall in Boston and The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Additionally, his choral compositions have been recorded and performed in the Concert Hall of The Kennedy Center. View full article »

Winding Down by David Nevue

CD: Winding Down
Artist: David Nevue

windingdown_300It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know that we are in a time of tremendous change, upheaval, and turmoil. One only has to turn on the TV or read a newspaper. These changes have also been foretold in The Bible, the Hopi Prophecy, some Eastern religions, and more. While for many, the state of affairs in our world is cause for feelings of helplessness and despair, for others there is a sense of hope and a higher vision that guides their perceptions. David Nevue is one of the latter, and the unfolding of current events plays a role in the theme of his latest release, Winding Down. View full article »

Moon and Shadows by Barbara Hills

CD: Moon and Shadows
Artist: Barbara Hills

cover picBefore even hearing the music on Moon and Shadows by Barbara Hills, its hard not to be impressed by the stunning package it is presented in. This double CD is produced in a small ‘book’ format, which includes fifteen photos of places that have inspired Barbara Hills for many years. Although the fact that there is such a visual aspect to the album is not surprising, considering that’s where Barbara’s roots are. View full article »

Songs of Leaving by Angelo Râpan

CD: Songs Of Leaving
Artist: Angelo Râpan

Songs-of-LeavingThe subtitle under Angelo Râpan’s name on his website reads: “Musical Versatility.” This is a bit of an understatement concerning the talents of this Romanian-born pianist/composer, whose musical repertoire expands beyond his classical roots, encompassing music theatre, opera, music for dance, Argentine tango, world music, and with the latest chapter in his life, which he describes as, “contemporary instrumental music of a reflective, soothing nature.” View full article »

Eight Winds by Bob Ardern

CD: Eight Winds
Artist: Bob Ardern

EightWindsCoverAs the old saying goes, “the third time’s a charm.” And that certainly holds true for the third album I’ve written about by talented composer and finger-style guitarist, Bob Ardern. Although, in reality, the first two albums, Wire Rosewood & Roots, and Craftsman were equally charming. Since those two feature articles contain background about Bob, I’ll refer interested readers to them, rather than reiterate it here. However, my recent interview with Bob includes some interesting personal perspectives and inside info about the music and creative process of this fleet-fingered Canadian guitarist.


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The Sunflower Waltz by Anne Trenning

CD: The Sunflower Waltz
Artist: Anne Trenning

sunflower waltzWhile pianist/composer Anne Trenning has featured a variety of accompanists on some of her previous albums, on this fourth release, The Sunflower Waltz, she has decided to fly solo. This album is envisioned as a “greatest hits” assemblage, offering ten new selections, and six previously released compositions interpreted as solo piano productions. View full article »

CD: Silhouettes Of Love
Artists: David Lanz and Kristin Amarie
Contact: and

Sihouettes - CD coverA master alchemist could not have come up with a more perfect blend of elements than the chemistry created in the music of David Lanz and Kristin Amarie – pure magic! Along with a truly all-star cast of musical accompanists, their new album, Silhouettes Of Love is a stunning synergy of new age, smooth jazz, neo-classical influences, and more, which transcends it roots to produce an innovative sound that breaks new ground for these talented artists – a piano icon and a rising star. While Kristin’s previous solo release introduced her impressive vocal abilities, this album with David Lanz takes it to a new level and reveals an artistic interaction that is greater than the sum if its parts.


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Imaginings by Paul Adams

CD: Imaginings
Artist: Paul Adams

ImaginingsI remember doing coloring book exercises in art class back in elementary school, where everybody tried their best to color neatly within the lines. However, there was always one kid in the class for whom those lines were irrelevant and presented boundaries to be transcended. I think that Paul Adams was that kid. While I say that jokingly, I believe that idea of transcending boundaries has infused Paul’s music over the years. I’ve been a fan of his for two and a half decades and remember reviewing his earliest recordings starting around 1990. One of the most fun things about receiving a new Paul Adam’s release is that you never know what kind of music or fusion of elements it will be, considering that he has had nine critically acclaimed albums in five different musical genres.

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CD: It’s About Love
Artist: Karen Marie Garrett

It's About Love We’ve all heard the adage about “quality, not quantity.” That is most certainly the case with the new release from pianist Karen Marie Garrett, entitled It’s About Love. Although it is a 5 song EP, Karen has spared no expense to produce a recording that exemplifies the above statement to the nth degree. Before we even get to the music itself, let me say a few words about who and what went into the making of this album.


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Love Language by Wouter Kellerman

CD: Love Language
Artist: Wouter Kellerman

Love LanguageSometimes in life, events happen that cause you to stop what you are doing at the moment and put it on the back burner for a while. Although South African flute maestro Wouter Kellerman started recording his new release, Love Language, back in 2012, he put it aside when the opportunity arose to collaborate with producer Ricky Kej of India on an album called Winds Of Samsara. And it’s a good thing he did, as that recording went on to win the GRAMMY in the New Age category in 2014! View full article »