mdguitar1b1401I am a San Francisco Bay area music producer, recording artist, and journalist with over 30 years experience writing arts and media reviews for nationally published magazines and more recently world-wide on the internet. I’m currently the music editor for the Los Angeles-based Awareness Magazine as well as a free lance journalist/ publicist, and editor of Music and Media Focus.


I also belong to The Recording Academy and am a voting member of THE GRAMMY’S.


As a recording artist I have 5 CD’s of ambient music with elements of Indigo Moonelectronic, jazz, and rock. My latest release, “Indigo Moon“, features a guest appearance by Jefferson Starship and Rod Stewart keyboardist, Pete Sears.  Also appearing as a special guest is new age music pioneer Steven Halpen, whose record label distributes this album, as well as my previous release, “Atlantis Rising,” which was named by CD Baby as “one of the best new releases of the year“.



Ambient AlchemyCOMING SOON!  
Official release date: 9/9/14

Stay tuned for my new album, Ambient Alchemy - a collaboration with Steven Halpern and special guest Michael Manring.

 Click here to hear samples and read about it.





Along with studio recording and producing projects for other artists, I perform doing  electronic music and synthmulti-media shows  in addition to  playing synthesizers and electric guitar in the band, SpiritMoves.






I also produce music videos, such as the one for Indigo Moon below, as well as creating soundtracks for video, guided imagery, etc.



(Be sure to watch video in “full screen” mode for best effect)



Here is a music video I produced for a client to promote a new album release:


For more music videos on this site, visit: 

Chill out with the enchanted sights and sounds of Michael’s visionary art music videos.
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Now showing: “Merlin’s Garden,”  and more…

(For a cool “double feature” – take a fantasy journey to otherworldly alien landscapes with Indigo Moon, then come back to earth with a visit to Merlin’s Garden which features original music and nature photography filmed in the San Francisco Bay area)


Also, for more on my music and writing services on this site, click on these page links:

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Atlantis Rising

Six full length songs from my various CD’s can be heard on the music player here:

(shorter samples of every song on all my CD’s can be heard on the links here)





Chroma Zone

My music is available for licensing as soundtracks for films, video, guided imagery CD’s, etc.








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